Formula One Technical

  • How Ferrari and Red Bull finally trumped Mercedes
    In modern Formula 1 aerodynamics is the bread and butter for every team. Not taking anything away from power units, suspension design, tyre understanding and perfect set-up, F1 cars from 2017 are even more in need of good aero than before. So, from this perspective – how exactly did Ferrari and Red Bull finally outsmart Mercedes in the quest for the fastest […]
  • How the head protection system is created
    Formula One's much discussed halo is stury enough to support two African elephants. But how is it really manufactured? […]
  • Formula 1 Aerodynamics – Basics of Aerodynamics and Fluid Mechanics, part I
    Unique article covering the basics of fluid mechanics, which those fond of aerodynamics should find useful. […]
  • Formula 1 Aerodynamics - Introduction
    Introductory article for an upcoming series of Formula 1 articles about aerodynamics in general, race car aerodynamics – primarily Formula 1 and other open-wheel series. […]
  • Visualising the technical rules: 2017/2018 front wing dimensions
    This article will give an introduction into the current technical rule book how descriptions are translated into the elaborate pieces of the front wing. […]
  • F1 rules and stats 2010-2019
    An overview of the regulation changes and several yearly statistics about this period in the history of F1. […]
  • Launch analysis: Red Bull RB14
    Monday saw Aston Martin Red Bull release the first pictures of its brand new RB14, just before the car was sent out on a wet Silverstone track for a shakedown and filming opportunity. […]
  • Launch analysis: Alfa Romeo Sauber C37
    Few could have predicted the outcome of Sauber's car launch, but in reality, the car that is officially named Alfa Romeo Sauber C37 turned out to be one of the most interesting of the launched cars thus far. […]
  • Launch analysis: Williams FW41
    Williams have recently unveiled their new FW41 in an extraordinary launch that featured a projection of a clip, without actually displaying the real car. The team however did reveal two dark-ish images, from which we can make some conclusions. […]
  • Technical updates of Force India – Malaysian and Japanese GP
    Force India has been steadily making progress throughout the 2017 championship season. The Silverstone-based squad with Indian licence is currently occupying the fourth place in the Constructors’ Championship which looks set in stone because of the point deficit and advantage to the third-placed Red Bull and fifth-placed Williams. […]


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