Site Rules

This site is intended as a resource for fans and a way for events providers to promote themselves, however, there are some rules to adhere to. Posts, comments, reviews and feedback are for fans, not for operators to advertise.


  1. All Posts, Comments, Reviews and Feedback will be moderated prior to availability.
  2. If they are deemed to be advertising, negative reviews from competitors or any other activity which is considered in breach of our rules and fair use the Posts, Comments, Reviews and Feedback will be deleted with no notification.
  3. If the offender of 2 is deemed to be a vendor the page or entries for the vendor may also be deleted permanently.
  4. We reserve the right to approve or deny all Posting, Comment, Review and Feedback.
  5. We reserve the right to share your email details with entities you are Posting, Commenting, Reviewing and Feeding back.
  6. We reserve the right to close and or delete all Posts, Comments, Reviews and Feedback.

General Rules

  • No affiliate links are allowed
  • We do not tolerate ANY harassment, insulting or disrespect against any person or entity
  • No website promotion

Posting, Comment, Review and Feedback Rules

  • Racist, sexist, hateful, use of unsuitable language or any other post that is determined to be not suitable will be deleted
  • Entries should be made in the correct area and also be on topic

Signature Rules

  • A maximum of 4 lines in your signature
  • No links or websites can be used
  • No images allowed
  • We will determine if you signature is acceptable

Private Message and Email Rules

  • Same rules as above apply

Violation of any of the rules will result in your account and IP address being banned and any related pages and listings being removed.

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