Three Day Grandstand Ticket

This is our preferred option, although the cost is now ramping up. Three day Grandstand tickets starts from around £199 and give you roving rights on Friday & Saturday so you can walk the track and sit in any seat in any public grandstand that you want on the outside of the circuit – great for finding out which is your favourite viewing spot for the following year. On Sunday you are restricted for the race to the allocated seat on your ticket although in our experience after the Grand Prix you can pretty much sit in any grandstand again to watch the final support races.

Pros: Flexibility and comfort.

Cons: Cost can be more than a two week package holiday to Spain.

Going Further

Corporate Hospitality

Ok, once you’ve sprung for a three day grandstand ticket, upgrades are starting to go stratospheric but if you’re still reading this you’ve probably got a fat wallet (and did I mention we’re looking for sponsors)? Corporate hospitality is the way to go next. A free invite as a champagne swilling ligger would have to be the preferred option here but unless you work for or, do business with one of the sponsor companies they are getting like rocking horse poo to get hold off. If you really must feel like a king for the day Just Gold Hospitality will try their hardest to fulfil your dreams with luxury suites at Woodcote and Brooklands that also includes morning tea and coffee, three course lunch with champagne, complimentary bar and tea and coffee available all day.

Arrive in style

Before the opening of the new dual carriageway, when arriving at the circuit for 9.00am by car meant adjusting your alarm by several time zones, helicopter was the way to arrive.

These days driving into Silverstone is almost like a walk in the park but nothing quite kicks off the day like arriving by helicopter. If you’ve got that king complex though, think twice. You might pay a King’s ransom but just end up feeling like the court jester. The only time I indulged three return tickets cost £1800 and for that we had to drive to a makeshift Heliport on the rugby field of a school about thirty miles away. Hospitality consisted of a fry-up served in a tent and low-cloud meant our return flight was delayed until 8,00pm on Sunday evening, long after I would have been home had I driven the full distance by car alone. So, yes it’s an experience that everyone should try, but it may not necessarily be a good one.

Pros: It you want the perfect VIP day, this has to be the way to start it.

Cons: you could probably buy a ticket and hotel accommodation to a European Grand prix for less.

Silverstone Racing club

For the die-hard Formula 1 Fan, membership of this must be the ultimate upgrade.

Membership is limited and you may have to apply a year in advance but once you’re ‘in’ you get to camp at the exclusive SRC campsite, have access with guest(s) to the SRC clubhouse and many other benefits. Details can be found at

Pros: Fantastic value if you attend a lot of Silverstone events. Additional Season pass (available only to members) gives free access to all events apart from the F1 Grand Prix and the MotoGP.

Cons: Expensive if you only attend the British Grand Prix.

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