Blue Nation

Genre: Blues / Indie / Rock

Location: Birmingham, Midlands


Record Label: Box Seat Records

Type of Label: Indie


Neil Murdoch Lead Singer /Guitarist Ade Derbyshire – Bass Guitarist Jon Hooker – Drummer BLUE NATION ARE ENDORSED BY ERNIE BALL .


The Black Keys, Radiohead, Free, Maximo Park, Paul Weller, Small Faces, The Who, Muse, RHCP, Spin Doctors, Smiths, Gene and of course The Beatles. .

Sounds Like

They would put themselves into the Indie / Blues box but have been compared to many different bands and styles which probably means they have a style of their own.


Blue Nation is an indie/blues driven outfit hailing from Birmingham’s vibrant music scene. Fronted by the powerful vocals of Neil Murdoch coupled with an exquisite and talented backline supplied by Jon Hooker (Hooky) and Ade Derbyshire, Blue Nation is a force of musical nature and should be heard to be believed.

Born out of the desire to bring people something they can hang onto (musically) they formed in late 2009. With heart pounding vocals, infectious melodies and sharp riffs Blue Nation have set themselves high Standards

Neil is the main songwriter, guitarist and singer and has enigmatic stage presence with vocals to match! Neil specialises in the truth when it comes to song writing. With love, life, hurt and sorrow its all wound up and created in Blue Nations songs. During a sound check “Big Mick” sound engineer for Metallica said “ where the F**kin Hell did that skinny kid (Neil) get that great voice from?” We still don’t know and neither does he…

Hooky definitely falls in to the category. “If you’re good enough you are old enough.” Drumming is in Hookys blood and music plays a major part in his life. Hooky has a degree in contemporary popular music from The Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford. (Focused specifically on drums) so his drumming style oozes funk, soul and downright dirty blues, Hooky is the back bone of Blue Nation

Ade is a rare breed in which he is a lead bass guitarist. Razor sharp Bass riffs flow effortlessly from him and drive Blue Nation forward with a unique sound and style. In every great band there has to be a great partnership with the Drums and Bass, Ade and Hooky are second to none. Couple this with Ades bass work in harmony with Neil’s guitar work it defines the Blue Nation Sound.

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