Tony Hadley

Genre:  Jazz / Pop

Location: UK


Record Label: Unknown

Type of Label: Unsigned

Drums: John Keeble / Guitar: Richard Barrett / Bass: Phil Williams / Keyboards: Phil Taylor / BVs (when Robbie can spare her…) Andrea Grant / We thank Yamaha, Premier, Paiste and Hughes & Kettner and Roland for all their invaluable support over the years. / Brass:/ Simon Willescroft / Dave Williamson / Graeme Flowers / Dan Carpenter / T.M: Dave Williams / F.O.H: Leigh Hunt / Monitors & Production: Richard John / Drum technician: Jason Graham / Bass, Guitar& Keyboard technician: Chris Dale / Assistant monitor engineer: James Kazize / Truck Driver: G Man / Management: J,J & M Glover at Blueprint. .

I’m guessing Spandau Ballet.

Sounds Like
Probably Spandau Ballet.

Tony Hadley fronted Legendary British pop group Spandau Ballet in the 1980′s. Major hits include “True”, “Though The Barricades” and “Gold”. Tony went solo in 1990, and has continued to perform with a band that have been with him since that time, comprising ex Spandau drummer John Keeble, bassist Phil Williams, guitarist Richard Barrett and keyboard player Phil Taylor. Tony and the guys play all over the world to crowds who may go to see a slice of their past, but who come away realising that they’ve just been to a great gig and heard a guy who is singing better than ever. Over the last few years Tony and the band have regularly undertaken long UK tours, interspersed with festival dates throughout Europe. Tony recently completed a new album, “Passing Strangers” which features songs such as “The Mood I’m In”, ” Wives & Lovers” and other classics first brought to prominence by singers Tony has long admired, such as Tony Bennett and Jack Jones…. Feast your ears on some of it right here…..The tour is now over in the UK, but check Tony’s official website (see left) for other live news.

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