Track: Melbourne
No. of Laps: 58 Length: 5.303km
Distance: 307.574km
Lap Record: 1:24.125 – M Schumacher (2004)
2011 Winner: Sebastian Vettel

The Grand Prix is the oldest surviving motor racing competition held in Australia having been held 76 times since it was first run at Phillip island in 1928. Since 1985 the race has been a round of the FIA Formula One World Championship. It is presently held at the Melbourne Grand Prix circuitnat Albert Park. Prior to its inclusion in the World Championship it was held at a multitude of venues in every state of Australia. It was a centrepiece of the Tasman Series between 1964 and 1972 and was a round of the Australian Drivers’ Championship on many occasions between 1957 and 1983. It became part of the Formula One World Championship in 1985 and was held at the Adelaide Street Circuit in Adelaide, South australia from that year to 1995, before moving to Melbourne in 1996.

The Australian Grand Prix is the second round of the Championship, having been the first race of each year, excluding 2006 and 2010, since the event moved to Melbourne. During its years in Adelaide, the Australian Grand Prix was the final round of the Championship, replacing the Portuguese Grand Prix in that respect. As the final round of the season, the Grand Prix hosted a handful of memorable Grand Prix, most notably the 1986 and 1994 events which saw those respective titles decided.

Australian driver Lex Davison and German driver Micahael Schumacher are the most successful drivers in the 83 year history of the event taking four wins each; while McLaren have been the most successful constructors with eleven victories, their success stretching well back into the pre-Formula One history of the race. Rubens Barichello is the only driver to have started every single race since it returned to the inner Melbourne street circuit, which had been used previously for the Grand Prix twice in the 1950s.

For the 2010 event Australian airline Qantas returned to the role of naming rights sponsor of the event, having last sponsored the race in 2001. The most recent Australian Grand Prix was won by German driver Sebastian Vettel.

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