Camping with a Tent

The most common way to attend Silverstone is to camp, however, if it rains heavily in the night and you’ve chosen the wrong tent then you’ll almost definitely be a bit wet in the morning!

Choosing the right tent

Your tent is your shelter, your home away from home when you are camping, so some thought should be put into choosing the tent that is right for you. Tents come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles and the tent you choose will depend on what type of camping you will be using it for.

If you choose a two person tent, because it’s the cheapest, then don’t be surprised if it’s a bit cramped. If you bring a twelve or sixteen berth tent, then don’t be surprised if you annoy the neighbours as you’ve taken up space from their pitch.

As tents are generally designed only for sleeping in, give some consideration to where you will sit, especially while eating and drinking. A cheap gazebo or awning (around £10 from Argos) is a good idea, but don’t expect it to be there in the morning if it’s windy during the night.

Things you might want to consider:

  • Fixed barbecue.
  • Basics including knives, forks spoons, plates and cups.
  • A large collapsible water carrier, 10 litres should be enough.
  • Cheap gazebo or awning (around £10 from Argos).
  • Portable light.
  • Portable radio so you don’t flatten your battery in the car (yes, I’ve done that).
  • Portable leisure battery.
  • An induction fridge (around £35 from Halfords).
  • Beer.
  • Coffee, tea, sugar and milk.
  • Food, if you plan on cooking.
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