Camping with a Motorhome

By far the best way to camp during the Silverstone Grand Prix, and it is by no means expensive. As an example a six berth, with four beds in total, two single and two double, can be hired for as little as £100 per night. Between four people, as it sleeps that many easily, that is only £25 per person per night!

We’ve been camping with a Motorhome at Silverstone for the last four years, having gotten tired of waking up sore, cold, wet and seeing the gazebo blown halfway down the campsite over night.

We can highly recommend a company called GoEuropean, who are based in the Midlands. They are a small, friendly and easy company to deal with where nothing is too much trouble. All hires include Fully Comprehensive Insurance in the cost (really) and the Motorhomes are all modern, normally being only a year or two old.

All Motorhomes are fully equiped with the essentials including Cooker, Grill, Oven (and gas for them), Fridge, pots, pans, knives, forks, spoons, plates, teatowels (you get the point). They are all also equiped with TV, DVD, Radio, Central Heating (yes, seriously) and every other important item you would ever need.

GoEuropean are also extremely competitve in the sale of Motorhomes, so why not buy one to use once a year and hire it out for the rest.

GoEuropean Motorhomes

Check with your campsite to ensure they have electrical hookups. As most don’t, you can always hire a generator.

Motorhomes and Motorised Campers

2 berth campers
These campers can range from basic pop top vans with convertible bed and basic cooking and living facilities to small but top of the range vans with shower and toilet facilities, full cooking facilities including a microwave and air conditioning.

3/4 berth campers
These campers are the next size up, comfortably accommodating three to four adults. Obviously larger to drive and with all the facilities you may need, including two double beds, bathroom facilities, cooking facilities and if renting often include extras such as a television and stereo.

6 berth campers
These large motor homes have everything you may need for a family holiday or maybe just the luxury of space for a smaller group. As you would expect these homes away from home will have everything you need. Offering all the facilities a four berth camper would but with the extra space.

Motorised campers can be as large and luxury as you like as many large models are converted vans or buses. These can be custom made with all the home comforts you need and are often equipped for spending long periods of time out on the road.

Renting campervans

Renting a Motorhome is a great way to camp for the Silverstone Grand Prix. It is economical as you are saving on expensive hotels, you don’t have to worry about traffic or walking to circuit and you are combining accommodation and transport. If you are only used to driving a car then the initial driving may take a little getting used to but just ensure you are comfortable with the size of vehicle you choose.

When renting there are a number of points to consider:

  • Read through the terms and conditions of rental carefully and query anything you may not fully understand before signing and leaving with the vehicle.
  • Make sure you are happy with the condition of the vehicle and mark any damage on the rental agreement before signing.
  • Always keep a copy of the agreement in the vehicle to refer to.
  • Check insurance details and whether there is any excess.
  • Ask if there will be any charge for the distance you travel or whether it is unlimited km/m.
  • Be aware of any roads that you should not be driving on, eg 4wd tracks, mountain roads that may affect your insurance policy.
  • Look in to prices for renting the Motorhome over longer periods. There may be discounted rates for the longer you rent.
  • Roadside assistance is often included in rental price.

Consider the size of the vehicle or trailer, it may be substantially wider or longer than what you are used to.

  • Make yourself aware of speed limits on various roads for the size of vehicle
  • Ensure you abide to the seat belt rules for yourself and your passengers

Camp Trailers and Caravans

A camp trailer can be towed behind your vehicle and converted when camping into a sleeping, cooking and living area. Varying in size and facilities offered, the basic models can be great if you want something more stable then a tent but do not want spend out on an expensive campervan. However camp trailers can be luxury, popping up to provide a full size bed, cooking and living facilities.

Also in this category there are large towable campers and caravans which provide all the facilities you need for comfortable camping

Obviously as we’re Top Gear fans we agree with Clarkson about Caravans.

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