Camping in a Car or Van

This is the least recommended way of camping as nights can be cold and things can be damp in the morning because of condensation.

On the plus side absolutely no investment is required, it’s probably comfy and you have nothing to set-up or take down.

Things you might want to consider:

  • If you have a van or larger car, bring a mattress, duvet and pillows. It’s almost like being at home
  • Disposable barbecue.
  • Basics including knives, forks spoons, plates and cups.
  • A large collapsible water carrier, 10 litres should be enough.
  • Cheap gazebo or awning (around £10 from Argos).
  • Portable light.
  • Portable radio so you don’t flatten your battery in the car (yes, I’ve done that).
  • Portable leisure battery.
  • Beer.

You’ll need to find a campsite with excellent amenities, such as showers, toilets, drinks and food. One site we can recommend would be Hamilton Fields as they have very good essential amenities and also have a number of additional facilities, even the availability of hair dryers!

If you’ve camped in a Car or Van for the Grand Prix weekend, why not leave a comment and let us know about your experience and any tips you’d like to share.

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