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Upgrade your Silverstone Grand Prix

Whether you are a die-hard fan who likes to stand with nose pressed to the chain link fence on the banks at Woodcote or a would-be Hoorah Henry who is more interested in quaffing champers in the British Racing Drivers Club House there are always ways to enhance the experience. Here is our slightly irreverent but by no means exhaustive list of suggestions for getting the most out of your Grand Prix Experience.

One day General Admission – Friday or Saturday

The cheapest way to gain bragging rights on your stay-at-home fair weather F1 fans. Currently you can soak up the atmosphere from as little as £56 with a general admission ticket on Friday, although admittedly you’ll only get to see a couple of practise sessions and some parachutes (ok there’s a bit more on than that but you get our drift). Thumb a lift to Silverstone and walk through the gate in nothing more than the clothes on your back and you’ll spend little more than the cost of a night down the pub with your mates, but even so you can still get the best out of your day with a few cheap or no-cost enhancements.

Sight & Sound

Don’t leave home without a portable radio at the very least and preferably a scope or binoculars as well. On a general admission ticket you’ll be pretty close to the track but it’s a known fact that wherever you want to be the nearest TV screen will be too far away to view unaided and the rudimentary speakers mounted on random poles that Silverstone likes to refer to as a PA system was last used effectively to call World War II pilots to scramble.

Whenever an F1 car goes past (and they have a habit of doing that quite often) you can’t hear a thing. A radio with some tight fitting bud earphones will give you at least a fighting chance of hearing the commentary. In addition to this you might want to download the live timing App to your phone. Versions for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Nokia can be downloaded here. If you own an iPhone or iPad you can also download a much more extensive service here although at a cost of £19.99 it is expensive for a one-off.

Finally the most expensive option, but the one that will keep you totally up to speed is to hire a Fanvision portable handset, allowing you to read multiple news feed, personalised driver info and in car footage. We’ve hired these every year since their debut (formerly known as KangarooTV) and would be lost without them but a cautionary note. The batteries they supply can be pretty hit and miss so make sure they supply you a fully charged one and if anything goes wrong with it, such as loss of reception, they will feign confusion when you mention the word refund afterwards. Info on Fanvision here.

Pros: With a Fanvision handset you’ll be able to follow the race almost as well as if you were watching it at home on your TV.

Cons: If you spend the whole race looking at a Fanvision handset you might as well be at home watching it on TV.


OK, if you’re hardcore look away now, but for the rest of us sitting on wet grass for six hours is no fun. Take a small fold-up camping chair and an umbrella. I’ve just done a quick search on eBay and you can get a serviceable chair for £4.75 which means you can throw it away (responsibly) afterwards without having to carry it home.

Pros: Relative comfort for less than a fiver.

Cons: Once you’ve found a good spot with your chair you’ll be tempted to stay there rather than walking around the circuit to view the action from different vantage points.

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