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Right, this will be our one and only rant for this year, and it is about Tickets.

Now, lets get one thing straight, we’ve got no problem with touts. Nor have we ever used one nor will we ever. We also heartily recommend that no one does, but of course you take your own chances at your own risk.

No, our beef is with certain ‘Fan’ websites offering to source, or referring you to sources of, tickets. Basically, on-line touts as far as we’re concerned.

We’ve just done a little wander on Google and, if I’m very good and eat all of my greens, I can be the proud owner of one 3-Day General Admission Ticket for (drum roll) £239.99. A whopping £100 over and above the face value. Grandstand tickets are an even more eye watering mark-up.

Now, we know some people plan ahead, but then can’t make it because the wife insists she have her new flat-packed bookshelf from Ikea put in it’s rightful place, during the British GP weekend. And of course, some people just get the itch to have to go and see their first ever Formula One race an hour before the start. Sounds like a match made in heaven.

However, buyer beware and always buy your tickets, other than hospitality of course, from these people: If they really had ‘just released a final allocation of tickets’, then they would be selling them, no.

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