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Silverstone Grand Prix FAQ

General FAQ

Fan and Ticket FAQ

Accommodation FAQ

Travel FAQ

These Frequently Asked Questions are provided from a number of sources, including Silverstone Circuit. If you have a question or you feel we’ve missed something from the FAQ, please let us know by leaving a comment at the bottom of this page.

General FAQ

  1. Where can I get a timetable?

  2. Can I bring any pets?

  3. Can I take photos?

  4. Where can I find a weather report?

  5. Where can I find information on the acts playing in the ezone.

  6. Where can I find more information about going to the Silverstone F1 Grand Prix.

A1 You can find a timetable here.

A2 No pets or animals are allowed on the day (other than pre-confirmed assistance dogs), as they are not permitted within the venue for safety reasons. This also extends to car parks and campsites.

A3 Photographic equipment, mobile telephones and other communications devices are permitted within the Venue provided that they are used for personal and private non-commercial purposes. Further Terms and Conditions apply.

A4 You can find a weather report here.

A5 You can find more information on the acts playing in the evenings at the ezone here.

A6 We recommend you have a read of our Upgrade your Grand Prix feature and then perhaps come back to this FAQ or read more detail in the Fan Guide and the Camping Guide.

Fan and Ticket FAQ

  1. What happens if an event is called off?

  2. What time do the gates open?

  3. Where can I find a Circuit Map?

  4. Where will the giant TV screens be located?

  5. Can I get in to the Pit and or Paddock area?

  6. Where can I find a Fan Guide and Checklist?

  7. Where is the best place to watch?

  8. I have a 3-day Grandstand Ticket, can I sit anywhere?

  9. I have a General Admission Ticket, can I use a Grandstand?

  10. Can I get in to the Pit and or Paddock area?

  11. How much are tickets on the gate?

  12. When will my tickets be despatched?

  13. Do children need a ticket?

  14. What age do you have to be to be classed as a child?

A1 In the extremely unlikely situation that an event is called off please call the booking line on 0844 3728 300.

A2 Gates will open at 6am on Friday, Saturday and Sunday of this event.

A3 You can find a Circuit Map here.

A4 All giant TV screen positions will be announced closer to the event. We will be updating their locations over the Grand Prix weekend here.

A5 There is no access to this area of the circuit during the event.

A6 You can find one here.

A7 For high speed, the Hangar Straight and Stowe Corner. For rapid changes in direction, Maggots and Becketts corners. For overtaking, Village and the Loop. For watching Pit exits, Abbey. The best places to watch the track can be:

General Admission
More or less anywhere, but make sure you get up really early to bag your spot.

We like Stowe B as it’s the place where you get to see the cars for the longest. You are able to see them coming down the Hangar Straight, and then negotiate Vale and Club. We’re not sure how the viewing is affected by the new Pits Complex of the view down to what used to be Bridge though.

A8 You can use any Grandstand on the outside of the circuit on Friday and Saturday. You must use your allocated Grandstand and Seat for Sunday.

A9 You cannot use Grandstands, however, there are a number of excellent viewing areas around the circuit.

A10 There is no access to this area of the circuit during the event.

A11 Tickets are likely to sell out prior to the event and will not be available on the day. Currently General Admission only are available for Friday (£56.17) and Saturday (£76.60).

A12 Ticket dispatch starts 4-6 weeks before the Grand Prix, but tickets may be sent out anytime up until 1 week prior to the event.

A13 Yes, all children attending will need a valid ticket.

A14 15 years and under is classed as a child.

Accommodation FAQ

  1. Can I camp at Silverstone Circuit?

  2. Where can I find information on places to stay?

A1 Many campsites are available close to the circuit and can be found here. Weekend camping, for an additional fee, is available at Silverstone Woodlands for holders of 3 day tickets only.

A2 There are a number of campsites, B&B’s and hotels, which you can find more information about here.

Travel FAQ

  1. What time do car parks open?

  2. Where can I park overnight?

  3. How do I get to Silverstone?

  4. How much does it cost to park?

  5. Do I need to purchase a Parking Pass if I have a Campsite?

  6. Where is the nearest train station?

  7. Where can I park?

  8. Can I arrive on a motorbike?

  9. Where can Blue Badge holders park?

  10. Where can I find out more about disabled accessibility?

A1 Car parks are open from 11pm the night before, with the relevant car pass.

A2 You will be able to park at a number of campsites, including Hamilton Fields and Windmill Farm. Locations are here.

A3 Please click here for directions and ways to get to circuit. You may also find Live Traffic Information and Avoid the One-Way System useful.

A4 Friday parking with Silverstone Circuit is free, however, Saturday is £19 and Sunday is £39. We can recommend Silverstone Schools Parking as it is much cheaper and all funds go to the Silverstone Infant & Junior Schools.

A5 No.

A6 Silverstone is situated between 3 stations: Northampton, Milton Keynes and Banbury. They are all roughly 30 minutes from the circuit.

A7 We can recommend Silverstone Schools Parking as it is much cheaper and all funds go to the Silverstone Infant & Junior Schools. You can also use the Park & Ride, locations are here.

A8 Yes, motorbike passes are free when booking tickets. No pass is issued, you just need to turn up on the day.

A9 There are a number disabled parking areas available please call 0844 3728 232 for more information and to book.

A10 Please see the Accessibility section of the Silverstone Circuit website.



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