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The Camping Guide and Checklist is here:

Camping Guide

The Timetable is here:

Silverstone 2011 Timetable

The Entertainment details are here:

Silverstone 2011 Entertainment

Fan Guide

To complete your experience as a true F1 fan you will, probably, need:

Essential Optional
Ticket Fanvision (6)
Lanyard / Ticket Holder Team Cap
Small Radio Team Top (7)
Binoculars Team Jacket (7)
Smartphone (1) Team Rucksack (7)
Beer / Water / Other Drinks Team Shoes (7)
Toilet Roll (2) Team Flag (7)
Money (3) Other Flag
Sunblock (4) Flag Pole
Handkerchief (5) / Hat (10) Coolbox
Umbrella Pram (8)
Rucksack / Backpack Food (9)

(1) to access and for Live Timing apps such as F1™ 2011 Timing App CP, although it is expensive, or 2011 as it’s almost as good and it’s free.

(2) Yes, really.

(3) Cashpoints located here.

(4) unless it rains, as their is no excuse to have to bother the St John’s Ambulance which are located here because you’ve gone a bit lobster.

(5) to recreate that fiftees beach feeling by making knots in each corner and wearing it on your head.

(6) Previously known as KagarooTV.

(7) We all do it the first time.

(8) For the Coolbox.

Places to find it all

Shop Locations

Well, you can probably find all of the number (7) items on circuit, but if the wife insists the kids eat this month then we can recommend the shop at Litchlake which is opposite the main entrance and over the bridge.

You will find all of the items on the Esential list (money too if you ask nicely) and most of the number (7) items and the kids can still eat!.

The Real Fan Guide

I felt compelled to share this, posted at PistonHeads by Derek Smith, as I really could not have put it better:

I love Club. The place is full of F1 nerds. The information you get from them is superb. Most love talking to someone, it is probably the first time they have for some months. Someone listening to them is what they dream of.

If during practice or the race you are a bit lost then turn to them and they will
explain everything.

I used to think I was a bit strange for being keen on F1 but after Club I realise I am virtually normal.

I take two stop watches and a clipboard with a few sheets of A4. You can see who is eating up the distance between them and the chap in front. Lap times tell you so much and you easily forget what lap a driver went in for tyres if you don’t make a note.
List all the drivers on one sheet of lined paper and put notes against their name. Also you can ‘talk’ to the person beside you without having to remove ear defenders, in ear headphones etc. Also write down the standings on the WDC and WCC. Someone always argues about it. It can get very wearing.

If you go to one of the stalls selling team liveried gear it can save a lot of time if you
open your wallet and say to the person behind the counter “Help yourself.”

(9) The burger stalls are only for the very brave or those with a seat near a toilet.

The air show is tremendous. Make sure you have a decent view.

Don’t applaud or cheer if a driver you dislike has an accident. Even Schumacher nowadays.

Mix a bit. Don’t just stand with people who support the same driver/team as you. despite being a keen fan of various teams in my time I have never been abused or made to feel unwelcome by supporters of other teams. You might get a bit of ribbing but you can have a go back and everyone enjoys it. (Don’t suggest that Alonso was beaten by Hamilton when they were both in the same team. There are some things that are not spoken of.)

Take plenty of toilet paper. Take some that you can sell with an extortionate profit to others, especially Ferrari fans.

No matter how well briefed you are be prepared to sit next to someone who literally knows ten times as much as you. They might have pimples and blush a lot but they know all about the sport. It is remarkable.

Go with the intention of enjoying the day. Filming the race, or photographing it, as mentioned, is pointless as you miss so much and you would have recorded the race anyway. Be prepared to see an entirely different race when you see the recording. That is the one perpetual truth. Accept that those who weren’t there will tell you you did not see what you saw.

Talk to strangers. Motor racing crowds are nice people.

Stay to the bitter end. It will make driving away easier and you will have time to chat about the race to others. There will be BBQs that you can go to for a little bit of cash.

I got there one race day nice and early, 4.30. There was a heavy dew and I was soaked to the skin. It was the first year of Bridge and I got a spot right up against the railing. I fell asleep on my chair with my feet on the coolbox. When I woke up I thought there was a fog. It was the water evaporating from my trousers and socks.

(10) Take a hat that goes over your ears. Burnt tops to your ears can be really painful and people think it is funny. Take a towel. Something on you will get wet at some time and if all else fails you can put it over your head. People will laugh at you right up until the tops of their ears catch fire.

Take plenty of toilet paper. Lots and lots of it.

It will be too hot, too dry, too wet, too cold, probably all four, or five, there’s probably a weather condition that I’ve fogotten. Take enough to share with those around you, such as an extra sarnie or two. Then, when you visit the toilet because you ate a burger you will still have your place to come back to.

Don’t share your toilet roll.

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